Range of Use

  • Service and repairing of rail, tunnels, airports

  • Emergency rescue and fire services 

  • Space rescue 

  • Water supply services

  • Gas and heat supply emergency services

  • Oil industry services

  • Service and repairing of motor roads

  • Public events

  • Advertising

  • Police

  • Construction works

  • Airports

  • Alpine skiing parks

  • Military

  • Holiday centers
Capable of illuminating an area of 10 000 square meters
Have excelled in disaster and emergency response
World wide patent No. PCT/RU 2005/000463. Australian Patent 2005301418
Patent for an invention No. RU 2192581C1 is given to the authors of emergency lighting device Light Tower - in 2001.

Austrec International Pty Ltd
Steadiness against wind up to 20 meters per second
Simple to set up in different positions and length
Excelled in night construction works, mining and law enforcement
Excelled in emergency rescue, fire services
Public Events
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Range of Use