World wide patent No. PCT/RU 2005/000463. Australian Patent 2005301418
Patent for an invention No. RU 2192581C1 is given to the authors of emergency lighting device Light Tower - in 2001.

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Our Customers

  • Australian Federal Police (AFP)
  • Department of Defence (RAAF)
  • Rural Fire Service (RFS)
  • State Emergency Service (SES )
  • Roads and Traffic Authority (RTA)
  • RoadTek (Dept of Transport and Main Roads) (QLD)
  • ERGON energy ( QLD)
  • Melbourne Water
  • Master Hire (QLD)
  • Hire Solution (QLD)
  • Territory Events Hire (NT)
  • Civil Airports
  • Government Emergency Services
  • Law Enforcement
  • Local Councils
  • and Others
Main Concept

The LIGHT TOWER is a unique and practical product designed to deliver rapid, reliable and cost effective lighting for industry, law enforcement, emergency services and a variety of other users.

The LIGHT TOWER is simple and robust, easily deployable (under 60 seconds) and can operate from mains power or through its inbuilt generator.

Unlike conventional lighting towers that require towing or complex framework and are an operational distraction, the easily deployable with the LIGHT TOWER allows you to rapidly solve your lighting problems and get on with the job at hand.

The LIGHT TOWER has been tried and tested globally under the harshest of conditions and performed flawlessly.

Disaster and emergency response, night construction, mining and law enforcement are just some of the situations LIGHT TOWERs have excelled in.

A single LIGHT TOWER can illuminate 10,000m, is cheaper than conventional lighting sources and is simpler to set up and operate, so why use anything else for your projects?

Make the LIGHT TOWER standard operating equipment for your business and never be caught out in the dark again.
The LIGHT TOWER is a result of collaboration of parties within the aviation technologies sphere. It simplistic design and high illuminating efficiency allows a large area to be lit. It is therefore ideal in places where electricity supply network is absent or switched off.

The main feature of the system is cylinder made of special transparent material. This cylinder is inflated to a height of 5 meters by a built-in fan. Within the tube is the light source, when power is applied to the light source within the tube the whole tube becomes a massive light sources. The LIGHT TOWER can be powered by a built in motor/ generator or 220 V / 50 Hz normal power supply.

The light source is a Lamp (sodium or metal halide) with a guarantee the luminous flux of 90 000 lm sufficient for illuminating of very large area. A single LIGHT TOWER is capable of illuminating an area of 10 000 square meters in less than 3 minutes. The LIGHT TOWER is compact; and can be easily transported in a car boot. All system can be operated by one person.

Ideal in places where electricity supply network is switched off

Capable of illuminating an area of 10 000 square meters

Compact; and can be easily transported in a car boot

One person operated by

Simpler to set up and operate

Easily deployable under 60 seconds

Have excelled in disaster and emergency response

Steadiness against wind up to 20 meters per second

Cheaper than conventional lighting sources